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September 06, 2021

Android 2.20.0

Get the most of your identity with GlobaliD. See what’s new, improved or tweaked for better performance.

New Features

  • Put things in motion. Send and preview videos inside messaging.


  • Move a chat from Other to Primary by adding the chat creator as a contact.

  • There’s no place like home screen. You’ll love what we’ve done to the place.

  • Now you can count on the comment counter on Group Feed posts.

  • Don’t hold that thought when you’re offline. Simply ‘Tap to retry’ and the comment will be posted when you’re back online.

  • We’ve made requirement checks inside the Wallet a better experience when working with Uphold wallets.

  • Adding, withdrawing and sending funds is now smoother than ever.

  • Notifications get cleared out now when you read them on any platform.

We keep on adding new features, improving the product and fixing bugs.

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